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Grandchildren Hearts

Grandchildren Hearts

A few months ago I was asked by a customer if I could make her a memory aid for her mum who was suffering with Dementia, after asking what she was after I adapted one of my beige family ties and Una's Grandchildren and Una's Children was produced. I decided as my Mum, Arleen also has dementia I'd actually add these memory aids to my products. They are now available in Duck Egg blue and have been on sale at my fairs since last November. Dementia is the cruellest of illnesses and if I can help remind people the names of their loved ones, I'm only too pleased to help with my simple but effective memory aid.


3 Names: 28cm x 33cm 12mm

4 Names: 28cm x 33cm x 12mm

5 Names: 28cm x 39cm x 12mm

6 Names: 28cm x 42cm x 12mm

7 Names: 28cm x 39cm x 12mm

8 Names: 20cm x 42cm x 12mm


    Due to personalisation I am unable to give refunds or accept returns on personalised products, unless of course if I have copied your order incorrectly.

    We do accept cancellations however as long as the cancellation request is submitted within 2 hours of placing your order.

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